The Washington Generals vs. Nine Sticks of Dynamite

At the end of the day, one general was lifted above all else.

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New York City
September 8, 2007
on West Broadway from Houston to Grand Street
In collaboration with Bob Snead and Deitch Projects.

Event Press Release:

The Washington Generals remained the sole foil for the talents of the Harlem Globetrotters from 1953 to 1995. More than 13,000 losses
made them the losingest professional sports team in history. Despite claiming the desire to win, the Generals integrity was thrown into
question by the Basketball Commission in 1995 and by the end of that season the team had disbanded in shame. It was discovered that
they were part of a communist gambling ring led by their head coach, Louis Red Kloch. The Globetrotters remained unscathed throughout
the controversy, and now have begun an ongoing rivalry with the New York Nationals. The talents of the Washington Generals remained
untapped until early this year, when they regrouped to form a cross country running team in the independent CCRA league. Their record
remains dismal, but the team has high hopes for their exhibition race on September 8th, 2007 versus Nine Sticks of Dynamite. After all,
states General Nottin Witaker, nobody could lose against nine sticks of dynamite.

For the inauguration of their new careers, the race will culminate at 18 Wooster Street with the largest publicity stunt they have produced
to date, the lift of a person with helium balloons. This increasingly popular form of publicity has proven to be another point of shame for the
Generals. Despite the precedence of many other such lifts across the country, their first attempt ended with 3,200 balloons and no one in
the clouds. However the Generals remain optimistic for the September 8th lift. Its just math. We are good at math.

Pictures from the parade.

Pictures from the preparation.

2007 Parade Poster.

Article in The Villager about the parade and the race.

Exhibition at the Indianapolis Museum of Art about parades in general that included a Generals jersey from the race.

Article about the above exhibition in Indianapolis.

Official website of the Washington Generals

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